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Keith Law ranks Cardinals’ Farm System 9th in baseball - A Hunt and Peck

per The Athletic

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New York Mets v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Keith Law had previously released his famed prospect rankings and now he has announced his rankings of all 30 major league teams’ farm systems. While the Tampa Bay Rays led baseball at number one, the St. Louis Cardinals managed to crack the top ten, coming in at number nine.

Dylan Carlson is the most highly regarded prospect in the system, followed by Nolan Gorman, and Matthew Liberatore. Law was also impressed with team’s ability to add catchers. Per The Athletic:

Their evaluation of Dylan Carlson appears to have been well ahead of everyone else’s, they keep finding and/or creating catchers, and they’ve been shrewd about adding prospects in selected trades to balance out some of the other prospects they’ve traded away. They’re light in the middle infield, but that catching strength, even after trading away Carson Kelly, is a Very Good Thing™.

Through the years the Cardinals have maintained a strong farm system, while using that system to add to its major league roster through promotion or trades even, as Law pointed out, after some first-pick misses in 2015 and 2016 and after the punishment from the hacking scandal left them without a first-round pick in 2017. Considering these setbacks and the big league promotions of recently graduated top prospects such as Jack Flaherty and Alex Reyes, the Cardinals run in the top half of the farm rankings is all the more impressive.

Keith Law’s farm system rankings for all 30 MLB teams | The Athletic

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