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Your favorite play-by-play call - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s have some fun.

Ozzie Smith Reaching Third with Arm Raised

Lately, things have gotten a little dicey around the world, to say the least. Major League Baseball has been postponed, all other major sports are suspended, major events are canceled, while the treat behind it all is still at large, unseen. It is a little bit scary.

Vox has written up a pretty good explainer about social distancing. It is not very long, but has a lot of good information that I found useful in clearing up something that was not very clear to me.

I promise not every post is gonna be like this. I bring it up now because I am planning a few posts to serve as distractions from some of the scariness. Before we move on to distractions, though, we must first acknowledge why are distracting ourselves. Distractions are fine as long as they are not a way to permanently ignore a problem. We do not want to ignore the problem, we just want a little break from thinking about it. That is something sports were always good at.

With all the said, let’s talk about your favorite play-by-play call. Let’s expand this to any sport. A few come to mind for me:

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