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It is time for the SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards - A Hunt and Peck

And we have a horse in this race...

Levitation 2019 Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images

Many years ago Viva El Birdos was created with advanced baseball statistics in mind. Since that day many writers have walked these metaphorical halls, imparting thoughts, research, and hopefully some wisdom. I have certainly learned a lot over the years from some of these talented baseball minds.

It can be a double-edged sword, having knowledgeable folks on staff. You know that eventually they will be scooped up for a bigger writing gig. You are destined to, with fierce happiness for your colleague's success and great jealousy over the fabulous addition their new team has made, say goodbye. The learning never stops, though.

This brings me to the SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards. Per

The SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards recognize baseball researchers who have completed the best work of original analysis or commentary during the preceding calendar year in the following categories:

Contemporary Baseball Analysis: Honoring the best analysis focusing on a subject related to the modern game(s), team(s) or player(s).

Contemporary Baseball Commentary: Honoring the best commentary focusing on a subject related to the modern game(s), team(s) or player(s).

Historical Baseball Analysis/Commentary: Honoring the best original analysis or commentary focusing on a subject related to a game(s), team(s) or player(s) throughout baseball history.

The finalists for these categories have been announced and among them, former Viva El Birdos site manager Craig Edwards has been nominated in the Contemporary Baseball Analysis category for a piece he published on Fangraphs called ”Baseball’s Competitive Balance Problem”. Craig wrote for VEB for several years, most famously about how Mike Matheny should be fired and the Cardinals should destroy their opponents. He is a talented writer, a devoted manager, and a wonderful friend. He has helped me so much over the years and hopefully entertained you with his writing. Now we can help him.

In this post from Beyond the Box Score there is form to fill out to vote for your favorite articles to win their respective SABR awards. Feel free to read all the articles and vote for your favorite! If you are a stat nerd and even if you are not, I think you will find this endeavor worthy of your time.

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