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Hey, remember Joe McEwing? - A Hunt and Peck

I just did.

Detroit Tigers vs. St Louis Cardinals

Recently published an article about the Top Cult Heroes for each team. The Cardinals top Cult Hero was Bo Hart, according to this article. I was not satisfied with this. This is an organization that was behind the Tom Lawless batflip, housed lil’ MacLand, went crazy for Willie McGee. There had to be a better example.

I thought of some (with a lot of help).

Joe McEwing

I was just rugrat when Lil’ Mac reigned in St. Louis. McEwing played for the Cardinals for a total of 162 over the course of 1998 and 1999. He hit 9 home runs over that time with a slash line of .272/.330/.392 but that didn’t stop him from becoming a fan favorite for his “energy and hustle” and ability to play every position. Lil’ Mac Land was created in the upper deck of Busch Stadium in his honor.

So Taguchi

Taguchi played six seasons in the St. Louis with a .283/.336/.391 slash line. He was a solid every day outfielder for the team and was the first and currently only Japanese player in Cardinals history. He is one of only a handful of players to wear the number 99 and the only member of the Cardinals to do so. He cemented his legacy in 2006 when he hit a go-ahead home run off Billy Wagner of the Mets in the top of the ninth inning in game two of the NLCS.

José Oquendo

Oqendo might be a stretch for this list, but hear me out. He is a legacy in St. Louis for his life-long commitment to the Birds on the Bat, but during his playing days he was more of an icon for his toughness and ability to play every position, earning him the nickname “The Secret Weapon”. While not a slouch on the field or at the plate, hitting .264/.359/.331 in his ten-year career playing for the Cardinals, his legacy seems to transcend his actual accomplishments as a player, but Cardinals fans don’t care because we love him.

That is what a cult hero is, right?

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