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Major League Baseball to officially recognize Negro Leagues as a Major League - A Hunt and Peck

About dang time.

St. Louis Stars 1930
The 1930 St. Louis Stars Championship Team

The big news from Major League Baseball on Wednesday was the announcement that the league will finally recognize the Negro Leagues as a Major League. While the announcement does not really affect the modern game as we know it, it is a move to finally recognize the work and talent in a league that has left a resounding impact on the game. The recognition is long overdue.

What this does possibly impact is the history of Major League Baseball, its Hall of Fame and Museum, and maybe some of its records. Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch brought up how St. Louis’s major league championship total changes.

The more the league can recognize those from history that worked to bring the game to where it is today, the better. Baseball is a game that has long treasured its history. Now that history is a bit more complete.

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