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Cardinals talks with Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright have slowed - A Hunt and Peck

Will the duo be back for 2021?

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Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Rovak/MLB Photos via Getty Images

For many Cardinals fans it is almost a forgone conclusion that Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright will be on the roster. Even now in the 2020 offseason with the pair both eploring free agency, many just kinda assume they will be back. That assumption has been looking a little shakier as of late, though, per Mark Saxon of The Athletic.

Recent talks with Molina’s camp have slowed as the Cardinals offered what it has deemed a “ridiculous” proposal, per Saxon (PAYWALL*). Meanwhile Molina has been hearing from other teams and may have more competitive offers on the table. Even approaching his age-38 season the veteran’s reputation is held in high regard and as many as five teams have been rumored to be showing interest (though that market has shrunk with the Mets signing of James McCann).

Wainwright for his part has had less interest from other teams and per Saxon has not heard much from the Cardinals either. As a pitcher going into his age-39 season, this is not super surprising, but as Waino is reported to be looking for a one-year deal, he could easily slot onto a team looking for pitching depth (and likely will, with the Cardinals or otherwise).

Not a lot has happened so far this offseason and the landscape of free agency, even the weird, unpredictable one of recent years, seems to have changed with a pandemic canceling much of the 2020 season and possibly impacting the 2021 season as well. Many teams may be holding off making moves until the situation is more clear. Sooner or later though, something has to happen. Until then, we wait.

Cards working to bring back Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright | The Athletic (PAYWALL)

*Sorry, I try to avoid sharing articles that have a paywall, but it is important to share the source! MLBTradeRumors also wrote about Waino and Yadi, though:

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