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Prospects you were excited about - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s give it a shot.

MLB: MAR 22 Spring Training - Cardinals at Orioles Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is a new meme on Twitter, I think, where everyone tweets out “name a random...” something. I am not exactly sure why this is popular or how it began, but it is what everyone is doing right now. I am no longer hip to the jive as they say —

If you will excuse me, I am being told right now that no one says that anymore.

Anyway, this is a thing and we just have to embrace it. The fun thing about it, though, is that Baseball Twitter has gotten in on the game and I actually saw a prompt I want to unpack further in the form of this tweet from Baseball America:

Funny you should ask, BA. In other things I do not understand, I was sent this TikTok earlier this week:


Meal Team 6: The Most Elite Meal Team EVER Assembled @chickfila @jvtentertainment #chickfila #mypleasure #mealteamsix #eatmorchikin

♬ original sound - ty_kelly

It is funny, right? If you are like me, though, you will notice something almost immediately...

Is that.... Is that Ty Kelly? You know this Ty Kelly?

As the feats of physical ability increase in level of impressiveness in the TikTok, I began more and more confident in my assumption. That had to be him. This recognition led to me explaining my intrigue that in turn became my hopes and aspirations for Ty Kelly when the Cardinals traded him for probably an hour to someone who really never asked for any of that and just wanted to share something funny with me. He had over a 15% walk rate and an ISO of .149 in AAA. The year before that he was walking over 20% and getting on base over 45% of the time. Who wouldn’t be curious about that?

Now to bring this all full circle. The Ty Kelly TikTok — a social media platform I don’t even have — the “name a random...” Twitter meme, the chances I saw the Baseball America tweet... It was fate. I haven’t figured out what it means yet... maybe it foreshadows good things to come for Ty Kelly. For now, it gave me a topic for this post and for that, I thank you, The Universe.

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