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Check out this compilation of unbelievable MLB moments - A Hunt and Peck

I laughed a lot.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The World Series is upon us which is fun! What that means for me, the person who tries to come up with some type of content for you all every weekday, though, is that there is not a lot of news. So I turned to the Internet, scouring it for interesting baseball things. I found some good “On this date in Cardinals history type stuff”. In 2004 the Cardinals beat the Astros in the NLCS.

And on this day in the 2006 Anthony Reyes squared off against Justin Verlander for game one of the World Series.

But I have already done an “on this day...” bit and I wanted something new. I found this:

I am not sure how accurate “1 in a Billion” is, but I found this incredibly entertaining. The Cardinals are involved in three of the moments, two good and one bad. The first one is 0:15 in, the second is 3:07 in, and the third is 3:43 into the video. Feel free to skip the last one, though — that moment still gives me nightmares.


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