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January is boring; here is some footage of the 1946 World Series - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s watch more videos!

Enos Slaughter Sliding Into Home Plate

Some of you might be familiar with my earlier piece titled January is boring; here is a video of Matt Holliday hitting a grand slam - A Hunt and Peck. Unless you want to watch a video of Matt Holliday hitting a grand slam nearly seven years ago, there is really no need to go back to it. The post itself is not important. What is important, however, is a comment left by greenwichvillagecard. It reads:

Hello------i WOULD ENCOURAGE ALL, to go to Flaggstaff films for color video of pre 60s baseball. They just posted 46 series footage

Naturally being a curious baseball fan and someone in need of content during the dreary month of January, I had to check this out. I found the videos to be super enjoyable and like greenwichvillagecard, wanted to share them with you all. So here you go!

Check them out @flagstafffilms for more vintage baseball.

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