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St. Louis Cardinals Matt Liberatore and Nolan Gorman are best friends - A Hunt and Peck

Or just friends, but I like to think best.

St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

You might have heard that on Thursday the St. Louis Cardinals made a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays, sending Jose Martinez, Randy Arozarena, and a Compensation A draft pick (after the first round) to Tampa Bay in exchange for left-handed pitching prospect Matt Liberatore, catching prospect Edgardo Rodriguez, and a Compensation B draft pick (after the second round). If you have not, well allow me to be the first to inform you: January is not boring, despite what some idiot has been writing lately.

We will surely have all sorts of analysis on this deal. The writer formerly known as the red baron will no doubt have something brief to say. John LaRue has already taken a look at the trade Friday morning. I plan on discussing something just as important:


I know, aww, right? Apparently Matt Liberatore and Cardinals prospect Nolan Gorman have been friends since they were young. Now they are in the same organization!

Extremely precious.

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