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The anatomy of running back to the dugout - A Hunt and Peck

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There are some things you don’t do.

MLB: SEP 01: Pirates at Cardinals Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Miles Mikolas once ate a lizard.

I think it would be prudent for us to keep that in mind during the following analysis.

In most stadiums when players on one team — usually the visiting team — make an out at first base, they must run across the diamond back to their dugout. It is a very simple thing. We have seen it thousands of times without incident. The player runs back to his dugout, runs behind the mound, and play resumes.

Except one time that did not happen. Please observe:

Here is a helpful breakdown with some ammeter lip-reading:

This was certainly just an accident by Freddy Galvis. It is an unwritten rule that he probably did not expect to get called out on. There does not appear to be any malicious intent.

Apparently on Sunday, Mikolas had time.

I can see both sides. One on hand, chill, bro. On the other hand, go around the pitching mound. Pitching is hard and pitchers are notorious weird. Everyone knows not to touch their stuff. Don’t touch the pitching mound.

Here is what Mikolas had to say when asked about the brief altercation:

“I asked him politely to use the grass. You know, pitchers, we do a tremendous job, you know, taking care of that mound, your landing stop, the rubber... trying to keep it nice for the guys coming out of the bullpen. No one wants to come out of the bullpen with the mound all chewed up, so... I just want to keep it nice for my teammates so I just asked him nicely to not use that avenue again.”

What do you think? Was Mikolas over-reacting? Was Galvis being too careless?

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