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The Cardinals won’t face the Cubs regular lineup - A Hunt and Peck

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Another wrinkle to the weekend

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs have gotten pretty banged up over the last few weeks. Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo have all suffered notable injuries. Due to that and the Cubs having been eliminated from postseason contention Joe Maddon has decided to give his regular starters a well-earned break when the Cubs face the Cardinals this weekend.

I kind of love this quote from Maddon. The whole thing is expertly crafted. At first you think he is going to defend the choice with some logic and reasoning — that everyone is a major leaguer and it won’t impct the game much — but then he just goes on to say he doesn’t care. Delightful!

The fact is, just because the regulars will not be playing doesn’t mean things will be easy for the Cardinals. In fact, it makes me a bit more nervous. The Cardinals need to keep wining games to keep the pressure off in the race for the division. Let’s hope they can do it!

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