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The Cardinals control their own fate (and the fate of Cubs) - A Hunt and Peck

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The Cubs kinda control their own fate, too, though.

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Cardinals have about eighteen regular season games remaining in the 2019 season. Of those 18 games, they have seven upcoming against the Chicago Cubs. As of now, the Cardinals lead the Cubs by four games setting up these games to be much-watch television with potentially major playoff implications. Though, if the Cardinals wanted to go on a tear and the Cubs wanted to go on a skid to make them meaningless, that would be fine by most Cardinals fans, I think.

The race for the National League Central has other teams around the league buzzing, too. Thanks to the delightful @VahHicklestein, we have some footage of the Mets broadcast discussing just this very thing.

Here is a transcript (I kind of guessed on the broadcasters) :

GARY COHEN: The Cubs will have José Quintana on the mound tonight in San Diego for the second game of that series. (Avila takes a curveball in the dirt; a ball and a strike.) This is who the Cubs have coming up so... They’ve got all those games with the Cardinals at the end of the year. It is... It’s an interesting proposition, right? They have to chase St. Louis for the division lead — they are four games behind — but it also, from the perspective of everybody trying to chase the Cubs, gives them some hope that maybe the Cardinals can beat the Cubs down in those last ten days and give somebody else an opening.

RON DARLING: You were involved in that rivalry, Keith. I bet the Cardinals would like nothing better, right, than to knock the Cubs out of it?

KEITH HERNANDEZ: Oh there is no love lost between those two towns — the Cubs and the Cardinals. Great rivalry.

GC: The Cardinals will start the series in Colorado tonight. (Good curveball by Wheeler and it’s 1-2 to Avila).

RD: It is really the only time in St. Louis — it is always a sea of red in the... the attendance — the fans. (Big backdoor curve right here from Wheeler.) When the Cubs come to town, there’s a lot of blue up in the stands.

The Cardinals certainly control their own fate. As of now, per Fangraphs, the Birdos have 93.6% odds of making the playoffs and a 77.7% chance of winning the NL Central. Those 7 games loom large for both teams, though. The Cubs still hold 18.6% odds of winning the Central and 60.9% odds to get into the playoffs. If the Cardinals hand them some key losses, not only will the guarantee their entrance to the postseason, but they might put the Cubs in the trash in process.

I am not saying that is something I would enjoy, but I am not not saying that.

Of course, all this could backfire and the Cubs could sweep the remaining games and trash the Cardinals. There is a reason they say you can’t predict baseball!

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