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Who is the most random Cardinal you can remember? - A Hunt and Peck

Just a little fun for this Monday afternoon.

St Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

A new thought-experiment has made the rounds on Twitter Dot com. FanDuel — you might remember Aaron Finkel’s delightful sponsorship of the the sports-betting platform, or maybe you remember Ben Humphrey as an enthusiastic supporter, and who could forget Craig Edwards’ ever-dedication to the cause — has posited the question:

It is kind of fun to consider. When I was ten I won a poster of the 2003 Cardinals while playing I-Dood-It at the local church picnic. I kept it hanging in my room for years, crossing off players as they retired or changed teams. One player on the poster always stood out to me: Kerry Robinson. He was the first person on the poster due to being number 0, something I had not seen before. Per Fangraphs, 2003 appears to be a pretty poor year for him. His last season in the Majors was with the Royals in 2006. He ended his career with a negative fWAR and a 67 wRC+.

Another player on that 2003 team was Garrett Stephenson. I always remember him because at the same church picnic — once again playing I-Dood-It — I won a pennant with him on it. I figured he had to be good to have his own pennant and proudly hung it in my room. 2003 was Stephenson’s final year in the majors. He had an average year with the Cardinals in 2000 when he pitched over 200 innings, then appears to have missed 2001 with injury. When he returned in 2002 he was just above replacement level and in 2003 was barley so.

Thanks in no small part to my skills at I-Dood-It, these random players will always hold a special place in my memories. Is there a random player you will always remember? Is he more random than Garrett Stephenson?

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