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Yadier Molina and the Mystery of the Short Pants - A Hunt and Peck

Extremely serious journalism incoming...

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Those of us that do not rely on DISH or Sling to watch baseball and were able to view the game on Tuesday evening might have noticed something unusual... Something we have never seen before.

Tuesday marked the long-awaited return of Cardinals long-time backstop Yadier Molina. Molina had been on the Injured List with a thumb injury for several weeks. When he returned, however, something was different about him.


I had a lot of questions, the biggest being “What are thoooooooose?”***

This is not the first time a player has worn the short, tapered pants. The look is usually accessorized with tall socks or stirrups, though. It is very rare we see players rocking this look with short socks, in my experience.

The plot thickened the next evening when Yadi appeared to be wearing regular-length pants:


So... what is with the pants? I have some theories:

The pants shrunk in the wash

Yadi was given David Eckstein’s old pants by mistake

Yadi spilled grape juice on his other pants

Someone stole Yadi’s other pants as a joke

Yadi grew four inches taller while on his rehab assignment

Yadi lost a bet to Ozzie Smith

That is all I got. Let me know your theories!

*** I know that meme is really for shoes, but it makes me laugh

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