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Dexter Fowler wants us all to know he was not on his phone during a game - A Hunt and Peck

Because of course he wasn’t.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

If you have watched baseball lately you might have noticed players all over the diamond re-positioning themselves from pitch to pitch based on some data the team has collected on the hitter. There is a lot to keep track of, so you also might have noticed the defensive players studying cards to make sure they are positioned correctly. This is most certainly what Dexter Fowler was doing Tuesday evening. Several fans apparently thought the Cardinals outfielder was checking his cellphone mid-game, however, because everyone knows there is no time better than the middle of a professional baseball game to get that sweet dopamine release from checking your like on the ‘Gram. I will not put anyone on blast, but feel free to search Dexter Fowler’s mentions for the tweets. Some might be deleted now, but the screenshots live forever.

Dexter would like to make it clear he was not on his phone, though:

I actually disagree with Fowler. I think these folks need to go to more games... just take away their Twitter accounts.

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