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In June and July of 1968 Bob Gibson was unhittable - A Hunt and Peck

Well, even more unhittable than usual.

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

In his seventeen seasons in the big leagues — all wearing the Birds on the Bat — Bob Gibson was one of the best. Per fWAR he is the sixteenth most valuable pitcher of all time. He ended his career in 1975 with 82.3 total fWAR, a 2.91 ERA, a 2.89 FIP. and a final record of 251-174. He was really dang good.

His best year by ERA was historic. In 1968 Bob Gibson set the record for the lowest ERA in a single season at 1.12. He had a pretty good year. According to my Cardinals calendar, though, his most dominant part of that year was an eleven-start stretch from June 6 through July 30. During those eleven starts, Gibby pitched eleven complete games and won eleven games. He gave up a total of three runs over the course of those eleven games. It is perhaps the most dominant stretch from a starting pitcher ever.

Of course, Gibson wanted it to be better. Here he is in an interview with Dan McLaughlin and Tim McCarver from a year ago:

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