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Yadier Molina has “Friends in Low Places” - A Hunt and Peck

Namely Adam Wainwright and Dexter Fowler

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of us have been there. You are at the bar and the evening is nearing a close. Depending on what you are drinking you might be around four to seven drinks in. Maybe you are not drinking at all, as is often the case for me, but that matters not. You are accompanied by a friend or two or four or seven. Maybe you are watching a game on the television, maybe you are shooting darts, maybe you are just enjoying the company. At some point though, that song will come on — the song that turns the whole bar into a karaoke bar.

The Cardinals defeated the Pirates Wednesday night in extra innings once again. It was a game that saw the Cardinals down early, but our heroes climbed back and overtook their foes for the second time in as many games. It was close at the end, concern and anxiety were abound, but the team prevailed! Spirits were high and stayed that way on the trip home, as Yadier Molina allowed us to glimpse in a video he recorded on InstaGram Live that astutely captured by Kelli @StlCrdsFn11:

There is just nothing quite like your friends in low places, is there?

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