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Jordan Hicks is a treasure - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s watch him rock the Pirates.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Hicks has been of particular focus in this fine series we call Hunt and Peck. Why wouldn’t he be, really? He throws 100 mph, has a devastating secondary pitch in the form of a slider, and he is young and exciting. What’s there not to like and healthily obsess over?

In the Cardinals win over the Pirates on Monday Hicks was called on to pitch two innings, ultimately earning the win when the Cardinals took the lead in the top of the eleventh. In those two innings, Hicks shined. His final line included two strikeouts, one walk, and no hits.

The best way to appreciate the mastery of Jordan Hicks is to see it, though. I got you all covered with that, with help from Rob Friedman @pitchingninja.

And my favorite:

[kisses fingertips] Perfect.

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