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Every final out of the World Series (from 1980-2016) - A Hunt and Peck

Pretty neat stuff!

St Louis Cardinals Victory Parade Photo by Ed Szczepanski/Getty Images

I have a quick one for y’all today since the Cardinals play an afternoon game!

Back in 2016 a YouTube accounts called “Crack-N-Egg” posted a video of the final out of every World Series from 1980. Obviously, the video ends with the 2016 World Series — it does not look into the future. There is a lot of neat stuff, but for your convience, I have found all the Cardinals World Series. They can be found at:

0:44 - Cardinals defeat Brewers
2:30 Cardinals lose to Twins
1:43 - Cardinals lose to Royals
9:34 - Cardinals lose to Red Sox
10:33 - Cardinals defeat Tigers
12:19 - Cardinals defeat Rangers
13:02 - Cardinals lose to Red Sox

Check out the full video here (H/T to avsfan18 for finding this)!

what else is going on in baseball...

what the cardinals are up to...


the milwaukee brewers
the nl central

We will be back to normal tomorrow!

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