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The one where Jack Flaherty struck everyone out - A Hunt and Peck

Almost literally.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Training games are underway. Typically they are meaningless; just a way for the players to tune up before the real games begin.

Today, however, this tune up was a clinic.

Jack Flaherty took the mound for the Cardinals and proceeded to mow down the Phillies line up in ruthless fashion. Part of his success might have been due to it being Spring Training and players are working on different things, plus he is not facing the actual lineup... things like that. Looking at the quality of his pitches, however, paints a more impressive picture.

Flaherty was on. If this is what he plans to bring to the regular season, Cardinals fans are in for a real treat.

H/T to @PitcherList for supplying the world with the beautiful gifs. Check them out on Twitter for more lovely pitching gifs!

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