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A Jordan Hicks agreed to four-year contract with the Cardinals (in Arizona) - A Hunt and Peck

Because he is a linebacker.

St Louis Cardinals Photo Day Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

There are a lot of people in the world - over 7.5 billion, if The Internet is to be believed. With that many people, everyone is bound to have some name twins. I went to a high school with 63 students and we even had two guys with the same first and last name.

This brings me to Jordan Hicks. The Cardinals reliever has a name twin of his own and in an amusing twist of fate he not only happens to be a professional football player, but he also recently signed a four-year contract, $36 million contract with none other than the Cardinals - the Arizona Cardinals that is.

That is pretty confusing! Imagine the confusion if the football Cardinals had never left St. Louis for Arizona. The pitcher Jordan Hicks found the whole thing funny and was happen for his name twin.

I imagine we will have to be on alert toward the end of the baseball season when both teams are playing. It might get tougher to immediately discern which Jordan Hicks various news outlets are referring to, so remember to investigate!

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