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The most forgotten Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

Do you remember these guys?

St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers, Game 1 Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On Monday Cardinals beat writer Jen Langosch published a post looking at ten players we might have forgotten were Cardinals. It is just the type of post we can have some fun with around here. Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Years with the Cardinals: 2009

The player spent 20 of his 21-year career with the Atlanta Braves before closing out his career with the Birdos in 2009. This Hall of Famer finished up with Cardinals with a 1-3 record and 38 total innings pitched.

Years with the Cardinals: 2003

Like the player before him on the list, this player also closed out his career wearing the Birds on the Bat. Born in Perio, Illinois, this catcher spent one year in St. Louis appearing in only 16 games going 3 for 23 in that stretch.

Years with the Cardinals: 2001

This player is mostly know for a paycheck he still earns from the New York Mets, but in 2001 he closed out his career playing for the Cardinals. During that season he appeared in 93 games with a .213/.308/.339 slash line.

Years with the Cardinals: 1996-1997

This player was a lights-out closer with one key exception against the Dodgers in 1988. He played two seasons with the Cardinals before ending his career with the Red Sox in 1998. During his time in St. Louis he appeared in 120 games with a 3.58 ERA and 3.97 FIP, per Baseball Reference.

Years with the Cardinals: 1992

This former All Star and perennial MVP candidate seemed to take off after his stint in St. Louis. He was acquired by St. Louis from Montreal via trade. In his season with St. Louis he posted a .243/.282/.391 slash line and a 98 OPS+. The next season he signed with the Rockies and went on to win the batting title.

Years with the Cardinals: 1991

This pitcher was famously known for his long career spanning 25 seasons and eight different teams. One of those seasons was spent in St. Louis where he started seven games and went 0-5 with a 5.74 ERA and 5.28 FIP.

Years with the Cardinals: 1980-1983

This pitcher was a 16-time Gold Glover, a former MVP candidate, and an All Star in his 25 seasons in the league. The final three were spent in St. Louis where, after losing Game Seven of the 1965 season to Sandy Koufax and the Dodgers, this player finally earned his ring. He went 4 for 4 on holds in that series, allowing one run in 2.1 innings pitched.

Years with the Cardinals: 1980

This duel threat of power and speed spent 14 seasons in the league. In his career he stole 461 bases and hit 332 home runs (52 stolen bases and 430 home runs shy of his son). His time in St. Louis was near the end of his career, however, and in his 86 games his posted a slash line of .203/.305/.316. He played one more season with the Cubs in 1981 before hanging up his cleats.

Years with the Cardinals: 1964-1965

To be fair to this forgotten Cardinal, he made a bit of a career move to broadcaster in 1971 and never looked back. His most famous line as a broadcaster might be one he never actually said during a real game. Looking just a bit outside of that part of his career, he played two seasons with the Cardinals for a total of 93 games.

Years with the Cardinals: 1899-1900

Wrapping up the list with the oldest and perhaps most famous player is a pitcher who is most known for his time as a Cleveland Spider and Boston American. The Hall of Famer leads all of baseball in career wins with 511, career pitcher bWAR with 170, career innings pitched with 7356, and career complete games with 749. If you haven’t guess this player already, you might know him with this: he is honored with a pitching award named after him.

Check out the full list here for the answers!

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