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Describing your favorite baseball player - A Hunt and Peck

A participation-themed post

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Victory Parade Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

A large part of the articles I write come from the Twitters. Occasionally some news will break there or a player will tweet something of note of which I become inspired to write. Sometimes, though, I just stumble across some dang good conversation starters and fun though-experiments. This is what happened to me this morning during my early rounds of the site.

That seemed kind of fun. After some thought, I chose my answer.

If you do not understand that reference that is completely fair. In fact, I am happy to explain it - first, by sharing a video.

See back in 2013 there was a show on the NBC called Parks and Rec. The creator of this show is not just known for his work with television; Michael Shur is also known for his love of baseball - he was one of the co-founders of Fire Joe Morgan. One of the episodes featured a law firm. That law firm was called “Babip, Pecota, Vorp, and Eckstein”. With that, one of my favorite jokes was born.

So that was my choice, but what about yours? How would you describe your favorite baseball player without using his or her name?

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