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The Cardinals, Madison Bumgarner, and You - A Hunt and Peck

Will MadBum be a Cardinal in 2020?

MLB: SEP 04 Giants at Cardinals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cardinals might be entering the market for free agent lefty and infamous red ass Madison Bumgarner.

The move would make sense for the Cardinals. The team has a few pieces in play for the rotation, but there is certainly room for improvement, especially that of the left-handed persuasion. The Cardinals have not been known to spend a lot on free agent pitchers, the last big signing of that type being Mike Leake, which did not exactly go according to plan. The experience might make the team weary of repeating it and Bumgarner, having suffered injuries and decline in recent years, might be the type of trap the Cardinals should avoid. Per Mark Feinsand of

Bumgarner is widely expected to land a deal worth at least $100 million, especially after Zack Wheeler received a five-year contract worth $118 million on Wednesday.

Bumgarner also received a qualifying offer, tying a draft pick to his acquisition, something in the past the Cardinals have been hesitant to sacrifice. stlcardsfan4 discussed this among other things in his free agent spotlight focued on Madison Bumgarner.

So now, to you. Is Bumgarner just the patch the rotation needs or would the cost be too steep? Are there better alternatives? What do you think? Let’s talk.

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