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It is Christmas Eve - A Hunt and Peck

Happy Hollidays!

ho ho ho

Hello. As you can tell, there is not much going on around the site today. Today is Christmas Eve for many folks, so hopefully the quiet day a sign of people focusing their attention on things that give them joy... on their family, friends, pets, themselves. This time of year can mean whatever you like it to. It seems as good a time as any to wish you all the happiest of days and thank you for being around and putting up with us. I can only hope we have given you at least half as much as you have provided us. You are what is good.

If baseball is something that brings you joy, then of course feel free to stick around! Talk some baseball, talk some hockey, talk food. This is an open thread for you. Pop in whenever you like.

As always, thank you for reading. Happy Hollidays!