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The World Series where the home team always loses - A Hunt and Peck

Could this be the one?

Bob Gibson Making a Play

There has never been a World Series where the home team has lost every game. The 2019 World Series is currently on pace to being the first one. The Nationals won the first two games in Houston and the Astros won the next three in Washington.

The closest this feat ever came to happening was in 1996. The Braves won the first two games of the series in New York and the Yankees countered by winning the next three in Atlanta. When the series returned to New York the Yankees did not let up, however and won game 6 at home.

The Cardinals have been part of three World Series where the home team lost five of seven. In 1926 the Yankees and Cardinals split the first two games in New York and the Cardinals only won once in St. Louis. The Cardinals then won the final two back in New York. The 1934 World Series against the Tigers went the same way — a split in the first two games in Detroit, the Cardinals dropping two at home and then winning the final two games. It was a reversal of fortune for the Cardinals in the 1968 World Series. The Cardinals won one game at home, won two on the road, then dropped the final two at home.

Conversely the Cardinals were also part of a World Series where the home team won every game. The Cardinals lost the 1987 World Series to the Minnesota Twins after dropping the first two and final two games of the series.

Will history be made in 2019? Washington fans certainly hope so!

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