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The Cardinals have named their NLDS Game One starter - A Hunt and Peck

It is not a surprise.

MLB: Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The NLDS begins Thursday when the Cardinals head to Atlanta to take on the Braves. The rosters for each team will soon be set, but until then, the Game 1 starters have been announced.

Jack Flaherty has been the Cardinals best starter this year, but having pitched on Sunday, he will unavailable until Friday. The Cardinals have turned to the team’s next best starter this year in Miles Mikolas.

Mikolas faces Dallas Keuchel — who is a Brave now, in case your forgot (I forgot). Keuchel has had a weird year, having made his first start at the end of June before signing a one-year, $13 million deal with the Braves after waiting months to sign with a team.

This is all we know for sure so far, though it is fun to speculate!

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