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The Cardinals face elimination, Part III - A Hunt and Peck

Another trilogy.

League Championship Series - St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals - Game Three Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ah here we are again. For the third time this postseason the Cardinals will play with the season on the line. This is what it is all about, folks.

Perhaps this is the end. The games they have played in the NLCS thus far do little to convince otherwise. The Nationals were one of the scariest playoff teams and are playing like a TEAM OF DENSITY*. They would have been this writer’s non-Cardinals pick to win the World Series at the playoff’s beginning.

Maybe it just is not the Cardinals’ year. If so, that’s baseball. Is one little win so much to ask for, though? I am not quite ready to say goodbye to this season. Could we at least watch a game one Wednesday?

It is October and there is Cardinals baseball to be played. Hopefully that holds true for a few more days.

*Just a little callback to a joke from the comments years ago...

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