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The best players at every number includes six Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

And some former Cardinals as well!

Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals
i’ll give you this one.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Jonah Keri at CBS Sports unveiled his list of the best player to ever wear every number. The whole list is worth a look, but this is a Cardinals blog. Here are the numbers that wore the number on Keri’s list while wearing the Birds on the Bat (this sentence makes total sense). See if you can guess the players (it is very easy you will be able to guess it):


Perhaps the most famous #1 in MLB history, this player donned this number for the Cardinals from 1982 to 1996. He earned thirteen consecutive Gold Gloves, eleven of those while with the Birdos and went to fourteen All Star Games during that time. He finished his time with the Cardinals with 65.9 rWAR. He is also a Hall of Famer.


He may play for the Angels now, but he made his name in St. Louis. After eleven seasons with the Cardinals, two World Series wins, and 86.6 rWAR during that time, it is not a matter of if he makes the Hall, but when - it all depends on when he retires.


No list is complete without perhaps the most famous Cardinal of all. This player was more than just a Cardinal - The Man was a legend. He played for the Cardinals his entire 22-year career - with a year break to serve in the Navy during WWII. The three-time MVP ended his career with 128.2 rWAR.


He is not in the Hall of Fame, but he has a strong case. As one of the best defensive third-baseman of all time, the man has eight Gold Gloves to his name - four of those earned with the Cardinals. His six years with St. Louis were good for 25.9 rWAR and a World Series Championship in 2006.


This player is known more for his time with the Phillies, but he did wear number 32 during his seven years with the Cardinals. As a Cardinal he was a three-time All Star and amassed 21 rWAR,


He is perhaps the most famous and storied pitcher to wear the Birds on the Bat. The man spent his entire seventeen-year career in St. Louis wearing the number 45 beginning in the 1960 season. He earned 81.9 rWAR as a pitcher during that time and even 7.5 rWAR as a batter. He is most legendary for his post season heroics going 7-2 with a 1.89 ERA and two World Series MVP awards. He is also a nine-time Gold Glover, nine-time All Star, a league MVP, and holds the current ERA title for the lowest ERA in a single season with his famed 1.12 ERA in 1968.

Making the list, but not as Cardinals:

#15: He wore number 3 during his stint with the Birdos.

#77: Ducky was a famous Cardinal, but as number 7 (and later on 21 and 12). He wore 77 for a year with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

#93: He spent just one year with the Cardinals, but wore two numbers: 37 and 41. After the Cardinals acquired John Lackey, he agreed to give him his number for a Babe Ruth baseball card.

Check out the entire list here for the player names!

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