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The Polar Vortex - A Hunt and Peck

Stay warm!

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Too cold is this
To warm with Sun —
Too stiff to bended be,
To joint this Agate were a work —
Outstaring Masonry —

How went the Agile Kernel out
Contusion of the Husk
Nor Rip, nor wrinkle indicate
But just an Asterisk.

- Emily Dickinson

From 6:00 pm Tuesday night until 3:00 pm Wednesday afternoon, the St. Louis area is under a Wind Chill Warning. On Wednesday the high, per is 7 degrees.... Fahrenheit. SEVEN. For the high. With the wind chill factor, meteorologists predict it could feel as low as -30 degrees. Please be prepared, my friends!

Speaking of cold, the MLB offseason still has not had much movement. There were rumors swirling earlier on Tuesday about the Phillies possibly signing Bryce Harper, but that does not seem to have panned out. In the meantime, here is a highlight real from the Cardinals 2018 season.

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