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Marcell Ozuna is having a little fun - A Hunt and Peck

The Big Bear is a bit of a jokester

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason the Cardinals have somewhat “called out” Marcell Ozuna, or least as much as you can stretch the meaning of the phrase “called out”. The Cardinals have basically stated they are not really sure what he is up to in his rehab - he has been home in the Dominican Republic doing his rehab on his own - but, per Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, John Mozeliak thinks “he’ll be read to go in the spring” and is “not overly concerned.”

That apathetic-sounding statement has not stopped people from speculating, though. Mozeliak’s trip to the DR has people wondering just how concerned he may or may not be, especially after reading the rest of Mo’s statements, per Goold again:

“He’s going to spend the remainder of his offseason in the Dominican Republic, which is not ideal in terms of our medical staff being able to get a firm grasp of where he’s at. … Hopefully, I can get a sense of where he is. Candidly, with three weeks remaining before we go (to spring training), there’s not a lot you can do. He has promised me he will be ready, so I guess I’ll have to take him at his word.”

Mark Saxon of the Athletic has noticed Ozuna might have a bit of a teasing response to these remarks via his Instagram account:

Here is what I think might be an example of what Saxon is referring to:

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Ozuna seems like a pretty fun guy. Maybe this is all just a coincidence, but there is a solid chance he is poking a little fun at the suits in the Cardinals front office. If so, it is a pretty decent effort.

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