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YADI WATCH: Will Yadier Molina make is 24th consecutive start today? - A Hunt and Peck

We wait with bated breath.

St. Louis Cardinals v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Mike Schildt has done a lot of things right in his tenure as Cardinals Manager, but there seems to be one area in particular where he follows the strategy of his predecessor. Yadier Molina has had almost no days off. Since Shlidt took over as manager on July 14, Yadier Molina has played in 28 games (appeared in 29, but as a pinch hitter in one game). There have been a total of 29 games played since Shildt became the manager. Yadier Molina has literally appeared in ALL OF THE GAMES, and caught in 28 of them. That is not a lot of rest for the thirty-six-year-old backstop.

Data via Fangraphs

Of course, the obvious rebuttal is: can you blame Shildt? As stlcardsfan4 (appropriately named, it appears) wrote today, what Yadier Molina is doing is absurd and amazing. He has lost hardly a step in age, and doing all that while playing almost literally every day. The Cardinals have gone a series run, winning eight straight games, and in part due to Molina’s ability to stay in the lineup every day. No one, especially Yadi, wants him to sit and right now he is making a case that he does not need to.

But today - having taken the first three of a four-game series with the Nationals, a critical series against the Brewers upcoming, and no scheduled day off for another week - might be the day.

We shall see.

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