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Adam Wainwright on the Designated Hitter, The Shift, and Challenges - A Hunt and Peck

Waino for Commissioner!

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Adam Wainwright has been on the mend from an elbow injury since very early on in the season. That time on the shelf has given the veteran right-hander time to think. On Tuesday night during the All Star Game, Waino shared his thoughts on complicated issues.

On the DH:

Waino brings up a good point about how the differences in the leagues makes baseball unique. It almost appears to be a perfect compromise.

On Managers’ Challenges and Instant Replay:

Waino is spot on here. Baseball was not meant to be seen a the minutia. It is a game played in real time. We are not meant to see if a runner left the base for a fraction of a second while the tag was applied, we are supposed to appreciate the speed and grace he used to get to the base before the ball. While getting the call correct is important, waiting around while a manager decides if he wants to challenge or not is boring. Either challenge or don’t.

On The Shift:

The Shift has always been an interesting innovation, but it is interesting to hear that position players, not just pitchers, do not like it. A ban on the shift might just provide more of a challenge for innovators and result in something more interesting, but it also seems to be a drastic measure for something that might fade away in time.

These are definitely the most important tweets from Tuesday night. What do you think of Waino’s ideas?

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