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Matt Carpenter wants a cheesesteak and a series win - A Hunt and Peck

And now so do I.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year we looked at a new trend from Matt Carpenter. It had nothing to do with his hitting, which seems to be the favorite topic when discussing Matt Carpenter trends. No, this trend was on his Twitter account. You see, Matt used to be, well, detached with his social media presence. Most of his tweets consisted of the usual baseball stuff - promotions, stuff about baseball, inspirational quotes, etc., etc., etc...

In recent years public figures and corporations have found that people respond to a more personable and relatable Twitter presence. People like when people sound like actual people. Maybe this was a conscious decision by Carpenter to make himself more marketable. Maybe he just wanted to let loose and express himself more! Whatever the reason, adding a little personality and humor to the persona of one of the Cardinals best players is definitely a good thing. His latest tweet is something we all can relate to...

The second part of that tweet is looking more difficult now with the loss on Monday night, but the cheesesteak is certainly do-able. Just do not go out and do this after eating it, Carp:

I really, really would like to know the context behind that gif. With Adam Wainwright involved, it has to be good, right?

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