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The anatomy of a walk-off home run celebration - A Hunt and Peck

There is a lot going on and now you will not have to miss it.

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

A walk off home run is perhaps the most exciting play in baseball. It usually involves high leverage, results in a significant change in win expectancy, and leaves one team and its fans very happy while the others are incredibly disappointed.

This is exactly what happened Thursday night when Yairo Muñoz belted his second home run of the season deep into the Busch Stadium batter’s eye. With the Cardinals down one run in the bottom the ninth with all three outs and runners on first and third to work with, Muñoz looked to lift something out of the infield. He also just so happened to hit it out of the outfield.

Obviously this made his teammates very happy and a celebration ensued. What casual fans may not realize is that while the celebration looks impromptu and chaotic, there are actually very specific components. Every player has his role to play and although there is no formal volunteering process, everyone falls into his role rather seamlessly. Let us unpack, shall we?

The helmet thrower

This is usually the person that hit the home run, though sometimes there is someone there for the assist. Either way, he has gotta ditch that helmet because it is crucial to be hat-less for what comes next...

The water cooler guy

This has been Kolten Wong’s job for the last few seasons. He has not been very successful in the past, but he made up for it here.

The noogie-er

This is why the hero needed to be hat-less. For some reason, he must be noogied. I do not know why.

The somewhat overly aggressive high-fiver

José Martínez was just really excited. The problem is he is a very large human man. Be careful, please, José.

The guy that was double-switched out of the game and is in the warm-up shirt or hoodie and is super pumped

Dexter Fowler is a natural in this spot.

The happy kid in the stands

This is why you stay for the whole game, kiddos!

This blogger, for one, looks forward to seeing these roles again.

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