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The one where Marcell Ozuna overslept - A Hunt and Peck

Well this is a new one!

MLB: Kansas City Royals at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Marcell Ozuna was scheduled to be in the lineup Wednesday afternoon. He was scratched right before the game started. No one knew why. Injury? Illness? Family emergency? Worry, confusion, and fear were abound.

Turns out, he forgot to set his alarm clock (or something) because he overslept.

The first reaction is relief. Whew, he is not hurt and everyone is alright. That could have been really bad.

The second reaction depends on the person. Some people were amused and to be fair it is a bit amusing. Just stay with me here. Imagine Ozuna in some flannel pajamas waking to the sound of his phone buzzing on the nightstand. He opens his eyes to the bright sunlight of midday spilling into his room. He answers the phone, sprinting frantically around his home changing clothes, an apple clenched between his teeth. No, I am five minutes away, he lies grabbing his keys off the table in the front hallway as he runs out the door. It is sort of funny.

The other reaction is disappointment. Marcell Ozuna is an adult with responsibilities. Oversleeping is immature and irresponsible. That is also a fair reaction. Ozuna is not faultless here, and there should be consequences for failing to meet the bare minimum of one’s obligations.

If you are anything like me - there is no reason to assume you are, but for the purposes of this next point let’s pretend - you have had the recurring nightmare about oversleeping and being late for something really important. It happens to me before big tests, job interviews, pancake breakfasts - the big stuff. Oversleeping and being late for a job as a professional baseball player would be this nightmare come true, which is why I have a certain level of empathy for Marcell. Is it cool? Not at all. Was it harmless? Not necessarily as baseball is a team sport and every teammate is important. Is it cause for concern? Probably not. A simple mistake was what it was - something that has probably happened to 90% of people at some point in their lives. We can laugh, we can be disappointed, we can both laugh and be disappointed, but at the end of the day, a human made human mistake. This is a perfect example of a mistake we learn from and hopefully move on.

How many alarms clocks does Ozuna set for the next day game? No less than three, right?

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