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Kolten Wong just wants to dump a cooler of Gatorade on someone - A Hunt and Peck

One day he will fulfill this dream and it will be glorious.

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Walk-off wins are thrilling and fun - the long, steady pace of baseball amped up in the game’s final moments to a sometimes unexpected conclusion. Plus, it is one of the few times a team will celebrate on the field. In 2018 the Cardinals have won sixteen games. Three of those wins have come via walk-off.

The first walk-off win was against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 10. Matt Carpenter hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the eleventh inning.

The second time the Cardinals had a walk off win was just under a week ago against the New York Mets. They won on a line drive single to right field off the bat of Dexter Fowler in the bottom of the thirteenth.

The third walk off win is obviously Tuesday night’s game against the White Sox when Yadier Molina hit a one-out single to left field, scoring Marcell Ozuna from second.

Most of these videos cut off before the celebration, but if they did not, you would see Kolten Wong attempting to dump a bucket of ice water or perhaps even Gatorade over the batter that just hit game-winner. “Attempt” is the operative word here.

Hopefully Kolten gets his shot at redemption with another walk-off win (ideally with the Cardinals coming back instead of blowing a late lead, but a win is a win). In the two attempts we have on record, he is 0-fer, but the third time is supposed to be the charm!

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