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Which Cardinals Hall of Famers will Mike Trout pass this season? - A Hunt and Peck

He is coming for the Wizard.

St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mike Trout is pretty much incredible, yes? This we can all agree? Is he so incredible that at twenty-six years old he is already a Hall of Famer, though? The numbers seem to say so:

At 57.7 fWAR he has already passed ten Hall of Famers that were inducted as Cardinals:

Bruce Sutter - Reliever, 19.2 fWAR
Billy Southworth - Outfielder, 21.8 fWAR
CHick Hafey - Outfielder, 32.7 fWAR
Jesse Haines - Pitcher, 36.2 fWAR
Red Schoendienst - Second Baseman, 37.4 fWAR
Jim Bottomley - First Baseman, 37.7 fWAR
Dizzy Dean - Pitcher, 40.9 fWAR
Lou Brock - Outfielder, 43.2 fWAR
Enos Slaughter - Outfielder, 51.4 fWAR
Ducky Joe Medwick - Outfielder, 54.6 fWAR

This leaves six Cardinals Hall of Famers above Mike Trout. There are four that should be safe from being passed:

Rogers Hornsby - Second Baseman, 130.3 fWAR
Stan Musial - First Baseman/Outfielder, 126.8 fWAR
Bob Gibson - Pitcher, 82.6 fWAR
Frankie Frisch - Second Baseman, 74.8 fWAR

That leaves two former Cardinals at risk of being passed. It would take a decent effort from Trout, but not completely impossible. Trout began the season at 54.9 fWAR. It was take a...

12.7 fWAR season to pass Ozzie Smith - Shortstop, 67.6 fWAR
13.7 fWAR season to pass Johnny Mize - First Baseman, 68.6 fWAR

He is already has 2.8 fWAR. Good grief, Mike Trout is good.

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