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Dexter Fowler’s hitting trick is becoming pretty popular - A Hunt and Peck

The Cardinals rightfielder has set a trend.

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Some believe the path to achieving our dreams all lies in the power of belief. I had a basketball coach growing up named Mr. Franke. He coached the high school girls team for over forty years - he even coached my mother. He preached this method often. Visualize the ball in the hoop three times before shooting a free throw he would say. And by golly, it would work!

It was helped by the fact that I am an excellent shooter, but still.

The power of the mind’s eye. Belief can be an incredible thing. Confidence is sometimes all a person needs.

Yesterday Dexter Fowler tweeted he would get a hit and because of that tweet, I knew he would get a hit. I even staked my esteemed journalistic reputation on it in a post on this very blog. Did he get a hit?

You bet your sweet bippy he did!

With this success, more people are now attempting Dexter Fowler’s hitting trick.

May more hits fall for Dex and the St. Louis Cardinals!

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