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A few quotes from Tommy Pham’s Wednesday night post-game interview - A Hunt and Peck

Tommy Pham does everything 1000%. Interviews are no different.

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night the Cardinals scored a wonderful victory against the New York Mets. It was an important game against possible Wild Card contenders and was a good measuring stick for just how good this year’s Cards team might actually be. After dropping game one of the series, this game was somewhat important, so when Tommy Pham left early with an “accidental head laceration”, everyone knew it must be serious. And also odd. Worry and confusion ran amok throughout the fanbase. In his postgame interview Pham put some of the worry to rest.

Somehow, though, he created more confusion.

There is a lot that happened here. I have picked out some highlights.

“I was in the cages, working on my swing before the at bat...”

After flying out to the warning track, Tommy Pham went to the batting cages under the dugout to work on his swing. We all know Tommy Pham is a bit of a workaholic and perfectionist. It comes as no surprise that he would be unsatisfied with a warning-track flyball out.

Here is where it all starts to get interesting...

“I have a hitting contraption I made to work on my swing...”

Tommy Pham has invented his own hitting device? We need to see this contraption. How does it work? What does it do? How did it turn violent?

“I’ve been in some real pain before... I’ve been stabbed... Actually I have been through a lot, let’s just say that. I’ve felt pain, the only thing was the blood. I couldn’t get the blood to stop.”

Well head wounds do bleed a lot even if they are not that serious - wait, did he just causally mention that he has been stabbed?

Renowned investigative journalist Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes got the sad back-story on this:

“I’m good other than a big welt on my forehead. It damaged my modeling career.”

HE STRAIGHT-FACED THAT. Tommy Pham is the sarcasm king.

That’s a damn fine watch, Sir.

“Nah man, I ain’t showing that to the camera. I don’t want everyone to know how ugly I looked.”

Pham had a photo of his injury on his phone. That was his response when asked to show it to the camera.

“Let’s see how many ladies still like me.”

I think you will be alright, Tommy.

“I told Mike I could play and he said ‘With that big thing on your head how could you put a helmet on?’”

Will Pham be in the lineup today? I would guess Matheny would give him another day to heal, but I think we all know Pham will be lobbying to play.

“That is a scary thing... a pool of blood by your feet?”

“Eh, I’ve seen blood before.”

He said as he applied some Chapstick.

Tommy plays the game at 1000%. It is probably a big reason why he gets hurt. It is also probably why he is so good. It is definitely why we cherish him.

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