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Carson Kelly earns his degree - A Hunt and Peck

Congrats, Carson!

MLB: Spring Training-Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

For Major League Baseball players, many achieve their lifelong dreams when they are drafted by a team, or when they step foot on a Major League Field, or when the earn their first hit or first strikeout. That is what they have been preparing for. That is their career. For this, many forgo further education or delay it until later in life after their playing days are done.

For others, the collegiate education is very important to them. It might be about further job security. Or maybe it is something as simple as following through on a goal. Maybe their real dream was education all along and baseball was just something they were good at. Or maybe they made a promise to their parents. There are many reasons, both sentimental and practical a player would continue schooling after being drafted, even though it may be difficult. Carson Kelly promised his parents he would, and so he did, earning a Bachelors of Science of Economics from Oregon State University this year while playing professional baseball. That could not have been easy and is pretty cool!

Also, his middle name appears to be Franklin. The more you know...

Congrats Carson!

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