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The weather has been terrible and Matt Carpenter is OVER IT - A Hunt and Peck


MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday A.E. Shafer proposed shortening the baseball season. While no one wants less baseball, we certainly do not want more at the expense of the quality, right? Quantity is not always better the quality, as the old adage goes. With baseball this seems to hold true.

Except [The Dark Knight Joker voice] the season has been this long for years and no one bats an eye. A few postponements in 2018 and everyone loses their mind?

Really there is only one thing to blame.


It is ridiculous and terrible. But soon, soon, summer will comfort us with its warm, balmy, humid embrace and this dreary time in our lives will be a distant memory.

Until then we all just have to deal with it. Sorry Matt Carpenter.

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