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The Cardinals are promoting Tyler O’Neill - A Hunt and Peck


MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

A little has been written about the Cardinals decision to carry eight relievers, particularly when it seems as though the same relievers get used every other game (read: I complained about this a lot because it makes no sense, NO SENSE). The rumor is, with the promotion of Tyler O’Neil...

the Cardinals will send down a reliever:

Which is cool because it appears there will be no end to the pointless double-switching, so maybe this...

will not happen again.

But, anyway, some info on Mr. O’Neill.

  • He is the Cardinals #4 prospect in their system
  • He is an outfielder
  • He is Canadian
  • The Cardinals acquired O’Neill from the Mariners for Marco Gonazales
  • At Memphis he has a slash line of .388/.385/.837 in fifty-two plate appearances
  • His Memphis wRC+ is 192 with .449 ISO
  • Yes, that batting average is higher than his OBP. He has nineteen hits (with six being home runs), two sacrifice flies and, wait for it... one walk
  • His BABIP is a hearty .371 - he has generally been a high BABIP hitter, but not that high, nope
  • Terry O’Neill is Tyler’s father - he was named Mr. Canada in 1975, which is a title given to Canada’s best body builder
  • Terry looks like this:
left to right: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry O’Neill
  • Tyler looks like this:
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Media Day Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Should be fun!

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