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Did you know about our Fanpost section? - A Hunt and Peck

Have an idea? Write about it!

Washington Nationals v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Hello friends! Today I am going to promote our Fanpost section at Viva El Birdos.

What is a Fanpost?

A Fanpost is a post written by any community member of Viva El Birdos in our Fanpost section. They are generally greater than 200 words - lest we reignite the Fanpost/Fanshot Wars of yore. A Fanpost can be analytical, prose, poetry, fanfiction - just be sure to keep it within the Community Guidelines and probably also about baseball. It is not your diary - please don’t make that mistake and accidentally post your diary.

Why would I want to write a Fanpost?

Have you been conducting some research you want to share? Do you have a baseball story you want to tell? Need to rant about a certain manager’s bullpen usage? Have a five-act play written in iambic pentameter? This is your place! Write whatever you want about the Cardinals or baseball at large, just be sure to keep it within the Community Guidelines!

Do people even read the Fanposts?

We are always reading through the Fanposts for ones to put on the front page and I promote them in the Hunt and Peck every Friday. So yes, people read the h*ck out of the Fanposts! In fact, whenever we have writer openings, that is the first place we look. A Fanpost by John Fleming (perhaps you remember him) about Jason Heyward was our highest viewed page for the week.

Okay, so then how do I write a Fanpost?

It is pretty easy to write a Fanpost once you have an idea. Just go to our Fanpost section...

Click “New Fanpost”...

And write away!

But what if I am too self-conscious?

It can be scary to let other people read your work, especially things you put a lot of work into or things that come from the heart! If that is the case, do not hesitate to e-mail me for advice - I would love to help you out! You can reach me via e-mail at lil_scooter93 AT msn DOT com or on Twitter @lil_scooter93!

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