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Matt Carpenter is tweeting from the heart and I am totally here for it - A Hunt and Peck

Matt Carpenter’s tweets used to be kinda boring (sorry). Now they are awesome!

Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS via Getty Images

In Thursday’s Hunt and Peck I wrote about how athletes being candid is awesome. With Twitter, we seem to have more access to them than ever and getting a glimpse of their lives and thoughts adds a level of humanity to a world sometimes devoid of it.

So, with that in mind, Matt Carpenter has been tweeting more often and with more personality lately and I am totally here for it.

Not to rag on his Twitter too much, but before this week it mostly consisted of tweets like this (along with a bunch of TCU tweets):

Which is fine, just not anything to write a post around, you know? But recently, something changed. The tweets went from hashtag ad to hashtag rad (sorry, sorry, I’m trying to remove it). Early this week I reported on his tweet about the alleged bald eagle fight like the esteemed journalist I am, but ever since the Super Bowl (maybe a little bit before), Carp’s been dropping tweet dimes left and right. Let’s examine and appreciate:

Matt Carpenter is legitimately funny, folks. I am pretty excited that he is now sharing his humor with us via Twitter!

Forty-eight days until Opening Day!

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