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Spring Training has not even started yet and we already have a Cardinals conspiracy* - A Hunt and Peck

*lol no we don’t, but it amuses me to call it that so I did.

Pitchers and catchers report February 13, but some players have already arrived at the facilities to get a jump start on training.

And something. Went. Down.

Let me allow Matt Carpenter to explain:

Kolten Wong corroborated the story:

But not everyone believed the Cardinals infielders. Some people wanted proof:

Tommy Pham speaks for us all. Where are the photos from this so called “eagle fight”? Apparently this conspiracy runs deep as even Alex Reyes chimed in to back it:

But Pham would not be fooled. Pics or it did not happen:

So did this alleged eagle fight happen? No one can say for sure, but we do know Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong, and Alex Reyes seem adamant that it did. Maybe we just have to trust them.

And also, like, why would they make that up?

Seeing the team interact on Twitter like this brings me joy and makes me so excited for baseball to start! Fifty days until Opening Day!

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