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Former Cardinal Brandon Moss says players and their collective bargaining agreement to blame for slow offseason - A Hunt and Peck

“... enough attention is not being paid to the way we allow our system to be ran.”

Cincinnati Reds v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

The offseason has been slow. There have been many posts dedicated to solving the mystery as to why. Now, people are turning to the players for their opinions. On MLB Network Brandon Moss was asked by Ken Rosenthal for his thoughts and he did not hold back. The statement is long and the whole thing can be found here. Here are some highlights:

I meant what I said. Everything that happens in the game of baseball as far as how things are done financially is bargained into a collective bargaining agreement. The way free agency runs, the way draft money is allotted, the way international signing bonus money is allotted, everything is bargained.

... the worry is there for me as far as a player now for the players in the future that enough attention is not being paid to the way we allow our system to be ran. I feel like we put more things that are of less value to the forefront. I just feel like we’re starting to have to walk a little bit of a tightrope that we’ve created for ourselves.

What we’ve done is we’ve incentivized owners and we’ve incentivized teams to say, “We don’t want to meet that price, it costs us too much to meet that price. It costs us draft picks. It costs us international signing money. It costs us all these different things. We’re going to have to pay a tax if we go over a certain threshold that we’ve set ourselves.”

The only reason those things are there is because we bargained them in... I just feel like, as players, we also have to watch out for our own interests. If you run too good of a deal out there in a bargaining agreement then of course the owners are going to jump on it. You have to be willing to dig your heels in a little bit, fight for the things that the guys in the past have fought for.

Everybody wants to look up and scream, “collusion.” Everybody wants to look up and scream, “This isn’t fair.” But sooner or later, you have to take responsibility for a system you created for yourself. It’s our fault.

Brandon Moss totally nails it, of course. The system as of now creates an incentive for teams to “tank”, forgoing signing players in free agency and acquiring talent in the draft for cheaper, cost-controlled labor. That discount is supposed to be made up in free agency, but teams have learned that instead of paying those players in free agency for their decline years and forgoing a draft pick, they can just acquire more. It is a broken system.

And, as Moss stated, only the players can fix it.

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