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Cardinals lose two, draft two in Rule 5 Draft- A Hunt and Peck

So that means they are even, right?

MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 Rule 5 Draft began Thursday at 11:00 am. The Cardinals had several intriguing players eligible for the draft. The team managed to escape only losing two players:

Chris Ellis was part of the Cardinals return in the Jaime Garcia trade. He is right-handed pitcher with command issues that profiled as a middle reliever. He worked a fastball that would hit around 90-94 and slider, with the occasional changeup.

The Cardinals also lost Winston Nicasio, a 21 year-old pitcher in low A. He also profiled as a reliever and that was primarily what his role was in the organization.

The Cardinals drafted Alberto Truinfel, a 24 year-old shortstop in AAA with the Angels. They also picked up John Fasola, a 27 year-old pitcher from the Texas Rangers.

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