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Cardinals announce return of “Victory Blues” - A Hunt and Peck

An interesting, albeit unsurprising announcement.

Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals

What was once speculation is now fact as the St. Louis Cardinals have confirmed in an announcement at Ballpark Village on Monday that the Victory Blues will be back. The blue unis will be in the style of the beautiful Saturday Home Alternate jerseys, but, ya know, in powder blue. These uniforms will be worn during Saturday road games.

Harrison Bader, one of the Cardinals top players in a metric we in the business call Adorableness+, was on site to model the new uniform:

The pants are said to match the color of the uniform shirt and have red piping:

The fact that these uniforms will not be worn at home is a bit disappointing as most of the local fans will not be able to see them in person, but they do look lovely and will be a nice change of pace from the Road Grays. Hopefully the Birdos will play as sharp as they will look!

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